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The SMS center

has been developed to meet requirements of increasing the effectiveness of your communication campaign with your loyal customers.

Communication through text messages sent to your mobile phone has as the main advantage for your business the message viewer rate of over 95%. People take their mobile phone everywhere, which means you can always reach your customer with the right content at the right time. Statistics show that people check all SMS as soon as they receive then or in the first 15 minutes from receiving them. The phenomenal success of mobile phones offers the potential to become the first mass communication tool.

This SMS center offers you the freedom to develop and manage by your own the communication campaigns to your customers.

This module is connected to the database of your loyalty program or another software application and with a single click you can send SMS to a group of customers for which you have a personalized message.

The software allows you to view, at any time, the status of sending SMS.

To get a demonstration of how this SMS center works and to discuss the development of an applications specially dedicated to your business, please contact us.