Just the software you need!

Industrial software:

  1. GRUNDFOS ROMANIA -  data acquisitions for different monitoring senzors assembled in 130 places
  2. NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR LASER, PLASMA AND RADIATION PHYSICS(INFLPR) – Magurele – Automation software for monitor and control of equipment for beam diagnosis and for characterizing the behavior of optical components / materials that are subjected to high power laser beams
  3. CATALYX ENGINEERING - GPS/GPRS data acquisition and monitoring the personal location device - project for Romanian and Pakistan market
  4. Confidential client - communication server for GPS data acquisition for auto park monitoring

Loyalty software:

  1. CITY PARK MANAGEMENT – loyalty software for all shops that are inside City Park Mall
  2. ROLF INDUSTRIAL – loyalty software for a chain of 6 hipermarkets
  3. PLASTICARD ADVERTISING - loyalty software for a auto service
  4. NAIL SPA by Catalina – loyalty software for a nail spa center
  5. ELIMOD – loyalty software for an online cosmetic shop
  6. BEAUTY DISTRICT – loyalty software for a beauty center with 2 locations
  7. VAPERS ONE - loyalty software for 2 electronic cigaretts shops
  8. FEROINSTALATII RELADINI - loyalty software for 3 shops with database hosted in cloud
  9. TRANSILVANIA TRAVEL - loyalty software for 2 travel agencies
  10. MINACARGOTUR - loyalty software for a chain of gas stations

Other software applications:

  1. MONOVIA MEDICAL – Brasov – software for working medicine to manage the pacients/medical tests/companies and the schedule for planing the medical tests to some pre-determinated periods.