Just the software you need!

In the current economical conditions, retention and loyalty of customers become one of the main concerns of companies. Our customer requirements in the field of loyalty, led us to the development of software applications both standard, for low budgets, and customized as required.

The advantages of implementing a loyalty customers program:

  • attract and retain loyal customers that will be attracted by offers that they can benefit through the loyalty program;
  • the increasing of profit: through implementation of loyalty program, the client will be tempted to return to your location which results in higher sales, increased earnings;
  • recognition on the market: any customer who is satisfied with your offer, will be delighted to recommend to other people the promotions that they can benefit by your loyalty program;
  • developing sales strategies: based on records of software you can see which is the average transaction, which is the most purchased product /service, which is the average number of visits/ month and other information useful in developing your company's sales strategy.
  • Over time, the company Delisoft has developed both custom software applications according to clients requests but has developed also standard applications that can be easily customized for your business:

    Also, we can offer besides dedicated application software, the entire range of products and services to develop your own customer loyalty program: PVC cards, barcode/ magnetic stripe readers, forms recording, mailing, consultancy for loyalty program management and business growth.

    If you want a loyalty software especially created for you, then please contact us to establish the technical details and based on them we will make you an offer.