Just the software you need!

Who we are

DELISOFT is a Romanian IT company established in 2004, formed by professionals with more than 15 years experience in computer programming.

What we do

Our expertise lies in custom software solutions and IT outsourcing services.
We develop software using different platforms and the applications are standalone, either running on one computer, or multi-client connected to a data-base hosted on network/web server.


How it's made

Our company is specialized in developing custom software solution and our mission is to develop applications that fulfill the needs of our client, in order to make his life easier and also bring value to his business.

Therefore the process for developing and delivering a custom software starts with understanding our customer’s business needs but first of all, together with the customer, we identify what is the result that he wants to get using the final application that we will create.

For developing a custom software solution we go though next steps:

  • First we understand the needs behind the software;
  • We analize the technical equipment;
  • We prepare our tehnical proposal about the software solution and hardware ( if necessary) and we agree with the client on the final solution that we will start to develop;
  • We design the software interface;
  • Software development;
  • Installing and training the staff who will work with the software;
  • Maintenance.

Software that we create can be any application - from a simple price calculator to the most complex laser automation. Check out our Portofolio.