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Fidelisoft Fitness

has been developed for the loyalty customers of wellness industry: aerobic and fitness centers, sport clubs.

The main advantage for your business by implementing this program will be the customer knowledge, the frequency with which they come to the gym, but mostly you can keep track of un-used subscription sessions of each client.

The customer's file contains the following fields:

  • name and surname
  • birthday
  • telephone
  • e-mail
  • special notes
  • notes
  • type of subscription: with limited number of sessions or unlimited
  • number of sessions remaining from subscription
  • expire date of subscription
  • customer history

This software was developed to keep the evidence for consuming the sessions bought and can be extended with customer loyalty module software and the mechanism will be as you want it: accumulation of points or discounts.

The software comes with alarm for birthdate so you can contact the customer through various forms (phone/sms/email) to congratulate him and alarm for expire date of subscription.

The usefulness of a loyalty program is in the reports that can be generated.

Every report can be generated for the period of time that interest you and can be saved. On your demand we can personalize the reports that can be genereted by software.

If you want a loyalty software created especially for you or you want a demo for Fidelisoft Fitness then please contact us..