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Fidelisoft Beauty

has been developed for customers loyalization of beauty and wellness industry. It is also a very flexible application and can be easy modified and implemented in all kind of industries to loyalize the clients.

The main advantage for your business to implement a loyalty program for your clients is that you will start to know your clients, you will know their customer behaviour and using the reports generated by the software you can implement different stratagies to increase the business. In this software you can save some specific need or preference for every customer that has communicated to you in some way, and after that to deliver on that need and so you will turn your customers in loyal ones.

The client's file contains the followind fields:

  • name
  • birthday
  • telephone
  • e-mail
  • occupation
  • special notes
  • notes
  • points earned / spent / available
  • client history

The software has database that allows the recording of transactions per employee and department, services and products. So you know about each customer what she/he bought every time and which employee has completed the transaction so you can schedule next time the client to the same employee.

The software is equipped with alarm for birthday so you can contact your client to offer a birthday discount or at least to wish Happy birthday.

The usefulness of a loyalty program is in the reports that can be generated. This software offers a wide range of reports both for each client and for products and services sold.

Every report can be generated for the period of time that interest you and can be saved.

If you want a loyalty software created especially for you or you want a demo for Fidelisoft Beauty then please contact us..