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Fidelisoft Auto

was developed to track customers that come with their car to your auto service and based on information accumulated to know and understand your customer behaviour. This software is more than just a loyalty system, is also a CRM.

The main advantage for your business by implementing this loyalty program will be your customer knowledge, you can begin to have a personal relationship with them and based on the reports that you can generate into the software, you can implement strategies for business growth.

In this software the evidence is kept for every car because one client can have more cars and some information, like periodical technical inspection or type of tires, are important for every car.

Every customer's file contains the following fields:

  • registration mark
  • name and surname of the owner
  • birthday
  • telephone
  • e-mail
  • the discount
  • model of car
  • tires type
  • expiring date of periodical technical inspection
  • notes
  • expire date for notes
  • client's history

This software is based on direct discounts that you can offer the customer. You can set for every client the level of discount you want to offer.

The software has database with the employees and departments of your company, products and services that you sell. In the history of each car you will have information about repairs and maintenance realized at your service.

The software comes with standard and customized alarms.

The standard alarms are:

  • for car owner's birthday so that you can contact him through various forms (phone / sms / email) to congratulate on the occasion of his birthday.
  • periodical technical inspection expire date: you can warn the client about the time when is expected to expire the car's periodical technical inspection and to greet him with an appointment for renewal.

The alarms can be personalized for every client/car depending on your own criterias.

The usefulness of a loyalty program is given by reports that can be generated. This software offers a wide range of reports for each client and for products/services sold.

Each report can be generated for a period of time that interests you and then can be saved for later review.

If you want a loyalty software created especially for you or you want a demo for Fidelisoft Auto then please contact us.